Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

bachelor partyMarriage is one of those few things in life that is supposed to last forever—till death do us part—or that is how it works in theory anyway. In any event, weddings are usually a big event with a lot of social and emotional significance for all the parties involved. And since the husband and wife are supposed to be committed to each other above anyone or anything else, it is customary in many circles around the world to have so-called bachelor parties (for men) or bachelorette parties (for women) before their wedding—kind of as a good-bye party from friends (mainly tongue-in-cheek, of course).

These bachelor and bachelorette parties are really what people make of them: they can range anywhere from hanging out and watching a movie with close friends of the same sex, to lavish and extravagant parties that can sometimes turn wild and involve striptease and (occasionally) even infidelity to one’s future spouse. For the bridegroom, it is usually the man of honor’s responsibility to plan a bachelor party; in the bride’s case, planning a bachelorette party is mainly the responsibility of the maid of honor.

Bachelor party destinations may range anywhere from a friend’s place or a local restaurant or bar, to the most luxurious hotels and strip clubs in Las Vegas. It is really up to whoever does the bachelor or bachelorette party planning to decide what is best for the groom or the bride. Of course, as with any other party and event planning, we need to emphasize the word planning: good planning is key to a successful bachelor or bachelorette party, including a budget, guests, a venue if applicable, and—very important point—an understanding between the person to be married and the planner what the moral and ethical limits of the party ought to be.