As of 2011 nearly 80% of Americans live under smoking bans instituted in either restaurants, bars, or the workplace. 43 of the top 60 most populated US cities have enacted smoking bans in all bars and restaurants. Being a smoker in these times may seem a bit like a crash course in political persecution, especially since these laws are backed by the vast majority of the albeit mostly non-smoking population. But the reason for these bans is of course the universally accepted scientific conclusion that inhaling tobacco smoke at the rate of the average smoker is incredibly dangerous, and that inhaling the smoke of someone else smoking is just as harmful.

Continuing to work your habit into your weekend plans is your prerogative. Every bar and nightclub in cities with complete smoking bans is littered near the door at any given time with a flock of loyal smokers. Smokers, it can be observed, dedicate themselves to their cause as much as the postal worker to her own: come rain, sleet, or snow….they’ll be out there puffing away. You’ll find camaraderie no doubt, if quitting is simply not an option.

But if you were to quit, there’d be no better time. You’ll have virtually any bar or restaurant you want to go to be a temptation-free zone where you know you won’t smell that lingering scent of a long drag nearby that makes your heart race for a light. Oftentimes, if the club owner is considerate, the smokers won’t be crowding around the entrance creating a gauntlet for you to test yourself against. They’ll have a back door area or somewhere else to accommodate their smoking clientele. Once inside, you’ll be among dozens of people who are probably in your same situation

Then you have a few drinks, and the music is pumping, and despite everything you and the county government has done to ensure you won’t be exposed to the tempting sight and smell of a cigarette – you really crave a smoke. It’s not your fault, its conditioning: years of associating the atmosphere of your favorite weekend hotspot with smoking makes you want it; because if you want it you’ll be happy and that’s what you’re body wants.

I implore you to explore the option of the fake or electronic cigarette. Whether one kind is allowed inside a bar or another is up to anything from the city’s law to the owner’s temperament, so you should certainly browse electronic cigarette reviews online and other places that have reliable critiques of each product’s pluses and minuses. One of these devices could make the difference between surviving a craving and falling victim to one. Don’t let the throbbing pulse of the dance floor convince you it isn’t a complete experience without a cigarette. Sometimes it’s just the psychological need to have one in your hand.

Our massive movement to remove smoking from our dining and drinking institutions is not without both its majority of public support as well as the majority of scientific support. Take a hint, or don’t. Either way, the days of gray clouds covering the dance floor are over, so you should just get out there and try to make the best of it somehow.

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