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Clubbing is one of the most popular forms of partying and entertainment and truly lives up to the expression “Thank God It’s Friday.” Nightclubs are one-stop venues for drinking, dancing, live music and entertainment, and even theme parties and special events. Wherever you go around the world, you will likely find nightclubs that are to your liking.

Nightclubs vary widely when it comes to their target audience—many are focused on particular genres and a specific clientele, while others have diverse programs catering to a wide variety of clubbers. Among the most popular types of nightclubs are techno clubs, house clubs, metal clubs, and hip-hop clubs. The best nightclubs tend to offer great visual as well as musical entertainment, with hi-tech lighting, strobes, laser shows, smoke machines, and, of course, the good old stereotypical disco balls covered in mirrors that originated from the early days of discotheque-style nightclubs in the 1970s.

If you just recently moved to a new location that you are not familiar with and are looking for the top nightclubs in your area, there are plenty of online resources and nightclub reviews at your disposal, with sites such as ClubRatingz that can save you valuable time and energy in choosing the best nightclubs for your entertainment convenience. (ClubRatingz focuses on clubs in the United States; for European nightclub reviews, check out this site, for example.)

Of course, enjoying the weekend and having fun is not synonymous with nightclubs for everyone. If you prefer other, more relaxed or reserved forms of weekend entertainment, make sure to check out some other sections of this website, including “Weekend Events” and “Dining Out.” Whatever the expression “TGIF” means to you, the point is to live it to its fullest, your way!