Shows and Concerts

concertsMusic has been one of the main forms of entertainment since the earliest times of recorded human history. It should be of no surprise then that by far one of the most popular weekend venues are live music events, shows and concerts. A live music performance creates a special atmosphere and a bond between musicians and audience that is generally absent with pre-recorded music.

Concerts come in as many different flavors and varieties as there is music: from classical music concerts and opera to hip-hop and heavy metal and anything in between, you’ll find live music events of every kind. The venues for these events may also vary wildly: a smaller rock concert may be held in a live nightclub, while a classical concert will usually be in an opera house, theater, church, or other place found suitable for the style, audience and performers.

Besides being great fun for the audience and giving bands and performers the ability to play their music, concerts and live music events are also very beneficial for the musicians in terms of name recognition. To put it bluntly, no matter how much original talent and musical genius a performer may have, if they don’t put themselves out there and perform their music live, chances are they will never be known by anyone outside of their immediate friends and family.

If by concerts we are to understand live music events in general, they have been around since before written history. A prehistoric tribal or familial gathering with chanting and/or primitive forms of percussion may not seem to have much in common with a giant concert of a modern band with all the hi-tech audio and visual equipment and effects you can imagine, but if you think about it, the historical connection and the common impulse—to have fun, to enjoy music in a communal setting—are evident.